Formula Transport

Advanced logistic solution

About us

Formula Transport is a logistics company offering its customers reliable and efficient transport solutions, both in domestic and international traffic.


About us

For more than 10 years we have been the answer to the all logistical problems of our clients. We are prone to challenges and ready to always offer a solution.

We don’t recognize the limits, we go as long as there is a road.

Behind Formula Transport is a team of twenty-three professionals dedicated to solving customer problems in an efficient and sustainable way.
We invest all our expertise in designing a unique offer, providing quality and above all reliable service to our clients.

As such, Formula Transport specializes in the transportation of all types of goods by road and modal transport. From pallet, through the liquid, bulk, and powder, to goods with a special thermal regime, there is no challenge that we cannot overcome.

In addition to our team, the company also has a large network of carriers whose quality of service we can fully guarantee. Our partners are our strength. Together, we work dedicatedly to customer satisfaction while improving both our own and our clients’ businesses.

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